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Director’s Message

``One of our aims is to build strong partnerships with other like-minded organizations. In summer 2014, Melanoma Network of Canada and the Douglas Wright Foundation launched the Screen Me™ Sun Aware™ Camp Program to protect children and teens from skin cancer by supporting Ontario summer camp owners and directors to implement sun safety best practices for all staff and campers. Together we can change behaviours and stop skin cancer before it starts.

Alexa Cain, Executive Director Melanoma Network of Canada


Douglas Wright Foundation

The Douglas Wright Foundation is a charitable organization devoted to fighting melanoma cancer in Canada by increasing awareness, educating the public about early detection and preventative measures, and fostering partnerships between like minded organizations.

Douglas Wright Foundation

Melanoma Network of Canada

Melanoma Network of Canada was founded to respond to the need for patients in Canada to have a nationally-based organization to coordinate educational and prevention efforts, provide a strong voice for advocacy, and assist in efforts to target funding for melanoma research.